Dominant Shaheen Afridi Shines in Asia Cup: India's Top Order Shaken...

Sudarshan Kendre
3 Sep 2023 3:06 AM GMT
Dominant Shaheen Afridi Shines in Asia Cup: Indias Top Order Shaken...

Dominant Shaheen Afridi Shines in Asia Cup: India's Top Order Shaken...

Aisa Cup 2023: In the pulsating realm of cricket, one name consistently strikes fear into the hearts of India's top-order batsmen - Shaheen Shah Afridi. His extraordinary ability to pitch the ball on the middle stump and make it swerve away from right-handed batsmen remains unparalleled. This skillset has not only become Afridi's trademark but also the stuff of nightmares for Indian cricket enthusiasts. In this article, we delve into how Shaheen Afridi, the Pakistani pace sensation, rattled India's top order with two magical deliveries in a recent Asia Cup match at Pallekele, leaving an indelible mark on the game.

The Afridi Enigma:

Shaheen Afridi's mastery over the craft of fast bowling is anything but boring. His knack for delivering the same devastating ball repeatedly, which bends away from the batsman, is truly exceptional. While batsmen worldwide prepare diligently to face such challenges, Afridi's incoming delivery remains a puzzle that many struggle to solve. It is quite likely that this delivery will be remembered as his defining legacy in the world of cricket.

Afridi's T20 World Cup Feat:

The cricketing world witnessed Afridi's brilliance in the 2021 T20 World Cup when he bowled two absolutely magical deliveries to dismiss Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul. In the bustling atmosphere of Dubai, the swing was more pronounced, and the Indian batters found themselves losing their balance in an attempt to counter Afridi's prodigious movement. While these mishaps served as valuable lessons for the Indian batsmen, they also highlighted the sheer skill and tenacity of Afridi.

India's Opening Asia Cup Game:

Fast forward to India's opening Asia Cup match at Pallekele, and the anticipation was palpable. Rohit Sharma, well aware of Afridi's prowess, adopted a measured approach, presenting the full face of the bat and striving for compactness in every aspect of his game. Sharma's strategy was clear - see out Afridi's initial spell. However, Afridi had other plans.

Afridi's Variation:

Afridi subtly increased his pace, not significantly, but just enough to put Sharma on the backfoot. He also adjusted his length slightly after a brief rain delay. The television replays, scrutinized closely, only added to the excitement as the batsmen geared up to face the incoming threat. Afridi delivered a ball on a length around the off-stump, and instead of moving away, it cut back subtly. Sharma's response was slightly delayed, giving Afridi the opportunity to dismantle the off-stump and send Sharma packing.

Kohli's Departure:

The procession continued as Virat Kohli's wicket fell just eight balls later. India was struggling at 27/2, and Kohli, keen to boost the scoring rate, chose a shot that wasn't the wisest on a challenging pitch. Afridi delivered a short-of-length ball outside off, enticing Kohli to open his bat and guide it down to third man for a single. However, Kohli found himself out of position, and Afridi's delivery struck a massive inside edge onto Kohli's pad before crashing into the leg stump.

A Statistical Revelation:

To put Afridi's dominance into perspective, the broadcaster later revealed startling statistics. Since 2021, Rohit Sharma averages just 22.8 against left-arm bowlers, while Virat Kohli's average stands at a mere 21.8. These numbers underscore the impact that Afridi has had on Indian batting stalwarts.


In the realm of cricket, moments of sheer brilliance often shape the destiny of a match. Shaheen Shah Afridi's extraordinary skills with the ball have time and again proven to be a formidable force, particularly against India's top-order batsmen. His ability to consistently trouble the best in the business is a testament to his talent and determination. As the Asia Cup unfolds, one can only anticipate more memorable performances from this Pakistani pace sensation, leaving an indelible mark on the world of cricket.

Sudarshan Kendre

Sudarshan Kendre

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